AC3 — a step change in carbon capture



PMW Technology has been awarded a T-TRIG grant by the Department of Transport for a six month study to examine the application of our unique A3C process to the challenge of decarbonising global shipping. Read more.

PMW Technology

Carbon capture is vital to decarbonising the global economy, but is seen to be too costly. PMW Technology’s award-winning A3C carbon capture process has a life cost of capture up to 70% lower than alternatives.

The process uses an elegant cryogenic physical separation to capture the carbon dioxide from a process gas stream. The physical separation is flexible and efficient, avoiding the costs of chemical consumption and environmental hazards associated with conventional processes.

With only an electricity and process gas connection to the compact A3C process equipment, site interfaces are minimised, while series produced standard modules will further simplify site application and cut the costs of manufacture and installation.

The A3C process is uniquely attractive in applications where carbon emissions cannot readily be reduced by other means. Industrial sources are often are too small to be considered viable using conventional processes, while the use of energy intensive chemical processes on board ship is not acceptable. Application of A3C to these challenging situations offers a cost- effective means of delivering rapid decarbonisation.

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