AC3 — an economic and flexible solution

Many industrial applications of carbon capture are not considered to be viable. A3C disrupts that orthodoxy to open new opportunities for decarbonisation of numerous emission sources.

The A3C technology offers cost reduction for smaller applications of carbon capture of up to 70% compared with conventional technologies. The simplicity and robustness of the process, the absence of process chemicals and the extreme purity of separated carbon dioxide extend applications into new  sectors. Its compactness and flexibility will enable cost effective series production of prefabricated packaged plants of up to 100,000 tCO2/y to be simply applied on industrial sites or incorporated into shipping.

Potential Applications

The IMO is driving fleet decarbonisation, seeking radical reductions by 2050. Conventional solutions are insufficient, but fuel switching will require major changes to vessels and fuel supply infrastructure. The A3C process offers a simpler solution that is 50% cheaper.

In many industrial sectors carbon dioxide emissions are often inherent in process operation but can have a wide range of concentrations, requiring custom applications for conventional processes. The flexible A3C process can be matched to process conditions to deliver radical cost savings.

In the food and drink and metals sectors the high purity carbon dioxide product captured by A3C from exhaust gases can directly replace imported gas, eliminating vulnerability to erratic market supplies.

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