AC3 — a simple advanced process

Carbon capture is a demanding separation process. Conventional solutions are complex, costly and have high operating costs. The A3C process is radically different, avoiding complexity and minimising operating costs.

The two step process uses intensive cooling in successive circulating beds of fine metal beads. The first cools the process gas and dries it by freezing the water vapour onto the bed, to be carried away and later evaporated into the low carbon exhaust stream. The second bed frosts the carbon dioxide out of a gas stream, recovering it in a separate section.

Carbon dioxide separation step

Close integration of the heating and cooling cycle of the moving bed with an advanced cryogenic refrigeration system delivers outstanding energy performance.

Patented by PMW Technology, the process has been validated in a 12 month feasibility study funded by Innovate UK with the Universities of Chester and Sheffield and industry partners WSP, DNV GL and Costain. The key separation has been demonstrated in the laboratory at the University of Chester.

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